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Obligasi adalah kontrak keuangan. Pajak tangguhan pada prinsipnya merupakan dampak PPh di masa yang akan datang yang disebabkan oleh perbedaan temporer (waktu) antara perlakuan akuntansi dan perpajakan serta kerugian fiskal yang masih dapat dikompensasikan di masa datang (tax loss carry forward) yang perlu disajikan dalam laporan keuangan dalam suatu periode tertentu. Wednesday: The DOW’s motion tells me that the market is drained, and desires to go decrease, however every time that is attempted – our FED conjures up some injection of cash. The star performers for me proceed to be gold and silver. Silver is over $20 for the primary time in years and gold continues to grind larger. Silver is up one other 7{cd9fefbec3e6130033728a3f42c986c1bef8663aeb4bd3d1dc6746cb4aabb017} in the present day – over $23 per ounce. Has silver finally defeated the cabal that beats it lower each time it warms up? Time will tell, but this push looks good. It should be interesting to see what the miners do at the moment because even with gold and silver up sharply yesterday, most of them FELL from their highs. PAAS as an illustration, was at $37.forty intraday, but closed within the 35’s. Unusual days for certain. AUY over $6.06 and GOLD over $28.90 are still on my radar. Proper now it appears to be like like the NASDAQ might end the day crimson. If it does, it will be the first time since COULD 12 that it was crimson two days in a row. In case you haven’t heard, Tesla reported earnings after the close, and sorry shorts – Iron Man Elon delivered once more. If you’re making an attempt to carry out a discounted future cash circulate analysis on TSLA, you are missing the level. Nothing will matter – until it matters, and good luck guessing when that might be.

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